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Top 10 Spells in Wizard 101 and How to Use Them

  Top 10 spells in Wizard 101 may difficult to obtain especially if you’re just learning on how to play with this game. If you have in mind as to what is Wizard 101 and why ...
Wizard 101

Finding the Best School for Your Wizard 101 Character

  I can always read in web forums about online gamers tackling about what is the best school of wizard for their characters. This is because choosing the right school will ...

How To Play Wizard101 and Beat Your Opponents

  How to play Wizard101 is easy, especially if you start to enjoy it. Now September 2, 2008 is a historical event for online gamers, as this was the date of the release of ...

What is Wizard101 and How Will Impact Your Life

  What is Wizard101? How to play Wizard 101? Why Wizard 101 is popular are just few questions that a non- online player will ask. But as of the moment, let us focus on defining ...

10 Reasons Why Wizard101 Is Popular

  Today, there are so many online games that players are addicted with, but why Wizard101 is popular despite the fact that it was released 6 years ago by Kingsisle Entertainment. ...
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