10 Reasons Why Wizard101 Is Popular


Today, there are so many online games that players are addicted with, but why Wizard101 is popular despite the fact that it was released 6 years ago by Kingsisle Entertainment. Is there a magical strategy about it by the developer? Or simply because it is just a fun and exciting game that everyone can relate with?

In this section, we will be talking about the ten reasons as to why this game is so popular, that up until now, people are still amuse by its graphical characters and story line. 

But before you keep on asking as to why this game is popular, you must also consider the question about what is Wizard101 and how to play Wizard101, and where done doing that in the previous articles. So now let us begin the exploration as to why this game is well- known. 

Wizard101 is a Fun Game

Majority says that Wizard 101 is a fun game that is why it is popular today. They find the characters as cute, that they can almost compare it to their own pets at home. Also the fact that this online game has a superb graphical designed to entertain the gamers is a big plus.

Wizard101 Teaches You To Do Your Task At Home

wizard101Unlike other online games, Wizard 101 is not just all about the enjoyment of the game but it also teaches you to be responsible. According to research, online gamer who plays this game verbalize that after playing the game, they are inspired to do their house hold chores because they think that by playing the game, they are also inspired to do their household responsibilities, which is the main qualities of Wizard 101 characters, being “responsible”.

Wizard101 Gives You the Feeling of Excitement

The fact that you will surely rise into a new and higher level gives the player the feeling of excitement and fun. This is a good source of relaxation to the mind and body, thus many are entice to try this game. And the funny part is, whenever it’s your birthday, you’re feeling like you’ve also evolve into the next stage of Wizard 101. 

Wizard101 Enhances Memory

Part of the game is to learn or even memorize the magical spells. Therefore by doing so, you are sharpening your mind thus, it will be easy on you to memorize some school riddle that is beneficial to your school grades.

Wizard101 Reminds You of Your Pet

One of the major characters of Wizard 101 is the cute magical creatures that will surely remind you of your own pets at home. That is why; many are encouraged to play the game because the cookie monster cute magical creature resembles their pet. 

Wizard101 Is One Way to Keep Your Self Busy and Relax 

Instead of joining your party animal friends and engaging into other negative activities, it is recommended that you just stay at home (especially if you are still a student), have some Wizard 101, enjoy the game, get tired and sleep. This is one of the positive ways to entertain you instead of engaging in substance abuse and other illegal activities. Now these are just few of the reason as to why is Wizard101 so popular.


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